Dinner In The Haunted Mansion

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Supernatural Evenings with Dale Kaczmarek
Perfect for:  Corporate parties, birthdays, bachelorette and bachelor parties, ghost hunting with friends parties, anniversaries, fund raisers, holiday parties, etc.
 Discounts for seniors and fundraisers.

Have a Supernatural Evening with professional ghost hunter Dale Kaczmarek. Dale will give an instructional presentation on how to ghost hunt and he will tell you a story about the mansion's past while you are enjoying your dinner in the elegant dinning room of the mansion. He will present you with some of the ghostly images and EVPs that he has captured with his tools. Dale uses only professional  state-of-the-art equipment to capture evidence of the supernatural. Next, go on a ghost hunt. Bring your video cameras, still cameras, and/ or voice recorders to capture your own evidence in this haunted mansion.

The Oscar Swan Mansion is the featured venue.

3 steps to a perfect Supernatural Evening.
                              1                                       2                                      3

Dine in the elegant dining room of the mansion.

While you are enjoying your dinner, Dale will give his presentation.

After dinner, investigate the haunted mansion with Dale.

Supernatural Evenings last for approximately 2- 3 hours.
(The length can be shortened if needed.)

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This famous ghost photo (above) was taken on one of Dale's "Excursions Into The Unknown" ghost tours.

Comfortable Mystery
Kevin MacLeod (Scoring: Noire)